What You Should Know About Dialectical Behavior Therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a common treatment method used to help patients manage their emotions and their behaviors. Teenagers and adults both benefit from DBT for a variety of mental health disorders, including depression. Are you interested in dialectical behavior therapy? This is what you should know about this form of therapy and when it might be useful for you. What Exactly Does DBT Do? Dialectical behavior therapy is a form of treatment that is quite similar to cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Counseling For Chronic Pain: What You Should Know

When you live with chronic pain, whether it is nerve pain such as from fibromyalgia or another type of pain, you may be wondering what you could possibly do to improve the situation. Medications, physical therapy, and the like can only get you so far. One of the options you may not have considered is going to a counseling service. Counseling can provide a great deal of help when you are struggling with chronic pain.

Constantly Feeling Blue? You Could Have Depression

If you're constantly feeling blue or sad, you could have a mood disorder called depression. Although many adults, teens, and children feel sad at some point in their lives, people who feel sad or blue on a regular basis may be depressed. Learn why you're feeling blue and how to seek treatment for it below. Why Do You Feel So Depressed? A number of things cause depression to occur in adults, including pre-existing and existing health problems.

3 Life Circumstances Or Changes That Warrant Time With A Counselor

People often see seeking counseling as something to be done in the wake of tragedy. You suffer a mental breakdown or you have suicidal thoughts, so you see a counselor. These are definitely good reasons to see a counselor, but did you know that you can actually take a more proactive approach? If you find yourself dealing with any of these life circumstances or changes, arrange to see a counselor in order to keep yourself in a healthier mental state.

Struggling With A Sex Addiction? What You Should Do

If you are currently struggling with a sex or pornography addiction, you may feel lost and alone. It can seem like nobody else in the world understands your problems and that there is no help available to you in dealing with your addiction. This is not necessarily the case. There are resources and strategies available to treat and manage a sexual addiction. Get to know some of the steps you can take to deal with a sex addiction problem.